среда, 30 марта 2011 г.

Invention of the telephone

Hello, students. Welcome to our blog. Here you will have a good chance to discuss and share your thoughts about the invention.

What did Bell manage to do?Is this invention important nowadays? Why do you think so?

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Ольга Владимировна

4 комментария:

  1. I think, A. Bell invented a very important thing, we can`t imagine our life without - telephone. Nowadays, it gives us a great chance to communicate with each other, even being at home.

  2. I think that Bell did a really important, needful invention. Telephone gives us an opportunity to hear our relatives and friends through the distance. Moreover, the invention of the telephone provided inventions of the others useful things.

  3. This invention is one of the most important ones in the history. It's changed our life completely by giving us opportunities to communicate easier.

  4. I think the telephone is very important because the telephone is a convenient way to contact someone you need to speak to by voice and you can express emotions and understand one another better.